How do I cape my deer for a shoulder mount?

Cut the hide in a circle around the rib cage.  Cut a circle around the legs just above the knees
(Figure 2A).  An additional slit will be needed from the back of the leg and up to the cut that was made
around the rib cage (Figure 2B)

Peel the skin forward up towards the ears  Cut into the neck meat approximately three inches down from
the ears (Figure 3). After this cut is complete, grasp the antler bases and twist the head off the neck. These
cuts will allow ample hide for me to work with.
 REMEMBER, I can cut off excess hide, but I
can't add what isn't there!
How should I prepare an animal for a life size mount?

In the case of a small mammal (coyote sized or smaller), please leave the animal whole. Either bring it to
me as soon as possible or freeze the animal intact. DO NOT GUT. In the case of a large animal (bear,
deer) for lifesize mount, if skinning is absolutely necessary, please cut as seen in the following diagram,
leaving the skull intact. Paws/hooves can be left intact as well.
What kinds of animals does Amy's Animal Art accept, and what is not accepted?

Amy's Animal Art specializes in mammals. Anything with fur! I do full body mammals, shoulder mounts,
and half body mounts. I also can do accessories such as deer foot gun racks, lamps, etc.

DO NOT do birds, fish, or reptiles.
Do you work on domestic pets?

Yes and no. I get many calls about this, and I would like to address a few issues.

#1. I can, and have done, domestic dogs and cats. This is a very custom type of taxidermy. The bodies
must be hand carved, the eyes custom painted, etc. There is much more work involved in pet taxidermy
vs. standard wild animal taxidermy, therefore I have to charge accordingly. Cats start at $1200 and dogs
#2. Because of this being such a time-intensive, custom process as well as the fact that I cannot resale a
domestic mount in the event the owner backs out of the deal, payment for these services is due IN FULL
before work is commenced.
#3. If you pet has recently passed, I suggest you freeze the body if possible and give this decision some
serious thought. If you are sure it is something you would like to have done, I can assist you in this. But
people often can make decisions too quickly in a moment of grief. Give it a month or two.. then see how
you feel about having your pet mounted.
#4. Unlike having a deer or fox mounted, in which case you never "knew" the animal, pet taxidermy is
different. You spent years with that pet, knew his/her every expression, and every little detail. It is
extremely hard to put this type of personality back into a mount. So while it will turn out to be an
cat or dog taxidermy mount
, it may not look exactly like you remember your pet looking. This is why I
suggest, if you must get your pet mounted, that it be done in a sleeping pose with the eyes closed. This
produces a more natural mount with less chance of the expression seeming wrong.
I'm not local, but could you still do work for me?

Certainly! Just ship your animal to me in a box insulated with ice packs. It may or may not need to be
shipped overnight depending on what time of year it is. Please be aware that shipping and crating fees for
shipping it back to you will apply. Prices can vary greatly depending on where you are located but for a
fox-sized animal this will generally run around $100-150.
I found a dead ____________ on the road. Can you mount it?

If the animal is fresh, sure! But you have to abide by the local hunting/trapping laws. If an animal is illegal
to hunt, it is illegal to possess even if found dead. If it is not open hunting season for that animal (say, a
deer found dead during the summer time) it is NOT legal to possess.

I get a lot of calls about owls, hawks, and other birds of prey. First off, I'm not a bird taxidermist.
Secondly - these are FEDERALLY PROTECTED and anyone caught possessing one or even a feather
from them can be fined up to $20,000 and face jailtime. Please do not ask if I can do work on birds of prey
or if I know someone who can. Leave them alone - it's the law!  
What forms of payment do you accept and is a down payment required?

Upon bringing me an animal, a deposit of 50% down is required. This helps to cover all my supply,  
tanning, and overhead costs. For larger, expensive projects the deposit amount may be lowered to help
with affordability. This is dependent on the situation and please inquire. The remaining balance is not due
until the mount is completed. Or, it may be paid off in portions during the time leading up to the completion
of the mount. This "payment plan" is very helpful for those on a budget or purchasing a large mount.

All major credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted for initial deposits.
Checks may be accepted for final payment only by established customers.