I love to mount squirrels ... lots of squirrels! They are definately my specialty.

I mainly mount grey squirrels, which I shoot locally with my air rifle. I also mount fox squirrels, black
squirrels, and red squirrels, which I buy from other hunters, usually in Michigan (Michigan is known for
good quality, thick-furred squirrels).

Most of my squirrel mounts are sold on Ebay. I try to have a new one for sale every week.

I now offer a wholesale squirrel service for taxidermists. If you don't want to mess with mounting these
little critters, send me an
email -- I'll do them for you!

If you're a squirrel hunter, or just a taxidermy collector, who would like to have a squirrel mounted, let
me know! I can supply the squirrel, or you can ship your own squirrel to me.

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite mounts (click the small pictures to view them larger)
Young grey squirrel
This little squirrel was so cute, I hated to sell him! He measured just seven inches long, and still had that
baby fur. Sold on Ebay 12/21
Fox squirrel
This colorful fox squirrel was a monster compared to the grey squirrels I was used to! He had a hanger
on the back on him so that you could hang him anywhere. Sold on Ebay 12/20
Grey Squirrel
One of my favorite squirrel mounts so far! Typical grey squirrel, except for he has all-white paws! He also
has white whiskers, and unusual tan coloring on his tail and hindquarters. This is something that I'd
never seen before!  Sold on Ebay 12/29
Other squirrel mounts I've
Sitting grey squirrel
All-black squirrel!
Climbing grey squirrel
Climbing grey squirrel
on half-log
My first squirrel
The one that started it all...
This baby squirrel was the very first squirrel that I ever
mounted. It looks pretty pathetic compared to my work
now, but I guess I did pretty good for a first try,
considering that I wrapped my own body form for it. (I
never wrap bodies for my commercial squirrel mounts any
more, though!)
Sleeping red squirrel
"Golden Slumbers"
This piece, titled "Golden Slumbers", depicts a little red squirrel sleeping on the forest floor. It is the definately
the best squirrel I've ever mounted. I worked countless hours on it, because it was a competition piece. I
meticulously wrapped the body, legs, and tail out of cotton and string, and used the actual skull in the head.
The piece won a high third place ribbon (score 78) in the professional division, at the 2002 National Taxidermy
competition in Columbia, MO. At the 2002 North Carolina taxidermy competition in Salisbury, NC it  won a first
place ribbon (score 96) and "Best of Show" ribbon in the amateur division, as well the NC Trappers Association
award for the "Best Furbearer".
Awards this squirrel has won