2019 Price List

                                                    SHOULDER MOUNT               FULL BODY

Antelope (Pronghorn)                                595.00                               2800.00
Black Bear                                                650.00                                550./linear foot
Black Bear (RUG - W/OPEN MOUTH -  $2
75.00/linear foot)
Black Bear (HALF BODY - $1500.00)
Beaver                                                                                              850.00
Bobcat                                                       350.00                             895.00
Boar                                                          700.00                             2300-3000
Coyote                                                       375.00                             950.00
Cougar                                                      595.00                              2800
Deer                                                          550.00                              2800.00
Elk                                                            1100.00
Fox                                                            350.000                            895.00
Opossum                                                                                            750.00
Raccoon                                                     325.00                               750.00
Sheep/Ram                                                 650.00                               3000.00
Mountain Goat                                             750.00                              3200.00
Squirrel                                                                                               275.00
Wolf                                                           595.00                               2200.00

***Simple Habitat Base consisting of dirt, moss and grass included. Advanced habitat work  
are @ additional cost. This includes hardwood framed bases, and large artificial rocks and


Bear/Deer/Elk/Boar sized animals -- $200 additional
Coyote/Fox/Bobcat sized animals -- $150 additional


A pedestal is a mount that has a 360 degree view around it. It typically is displayed on a
wooden pillar or other type of "pedestal" base. The back of the mount is typically finished in
leather or artificial rock. This type of mount attaches to the pedestal by use of a square pin
system. Because of the extra work involved, the additional cost for this type of system is as
follows. This price INCLUDES - Finishing of the backside of the mount and installation of a
heavy duty square pin system. Price does NOT include wooden pedestal base itself. These can
vary from very economical options, to heavy hardwood options. Please inquire!

Pedestal Deer sized animals - $150.00 additional
Pedestal Elk sized animals - $200.00 additional
Pedestal Bobcat/Coyote sized animal- $50.00 additional


Deer Foot gun racks - *Two feet on a solid hardwood panel* - $150.00

European Skull Mount - *Cleaned, whitened skull on hardwood panel* - $125.00

Hardwood shield panel added to deer-sized mounts - $55
The following prices are effective for the 2018-2019 season.

An african species price list can be viewed by clicking HERE