Price List
Whitetail Deer -   Shoulder Mount       525.00  
                           Wall Pedestal          +75.00extra
                           Floor Pedestal         +100.00 + habitat/base
                           Half Body                 1250.00
                           Full Body                  2800.00
Beaver                                                    750.00                                
Bobcat                                                    700.00

Black Bear            Shoulder Mount       595.00
                           Half Body                 1200.00
                           Full Body                  550.00/ linear foot
                           Rug                          225.00/ linear foot
Wild Boar             Shoulder Mount       650.00
Coyote                                                   800.00

Elk                                                         1100.00

Fox                                                        700.00
Raccoon                                                625.00

Sheep/Goats         Shoulder Mount      595.00

Squirrel                                                 275.00
(habitat included)

Open Mouth for Bobcat/Fox/Coyote/similar add + 150.00
Open Mouth for Deer/Bear/Boar/Elk add + 200.00
Solid Oak/Walnut Backboards for Deer add +55.00

Other Species, Please Inquire
The following prices are effective for the 2016 season.

Prices for lifesize mounts *do not* include a habitat base due to the variance of difficulty in habitat
scenes. For all small mammals (coyote or smaller), a modest habitat appropriate for the species
can be added for only $50.00. Elaborate habitat scenes, large artificial rocks and branches,
hardwood framing or pedestals, etc. are priced custom and separate based on your needs. Please
contact me to set up a consultation.

An african species price list can be viewed by clicking HERE